Why Holiday Parties are Good for Growth

While holiday parties demand time and effort to execute, they are worth the effort. If you’re feeling particularly swamped, it might be tempting to host a scaled-down event or eliminate the party altogether. But, that isn’t usually the right call. When done well and within budget, holiday parties boost employee morale and set the groundwork to promote your organization’s brand in the new year.

Consider a “Widely Attended Gathering” (WAG):

To facilitate your ability to invite a wide audience to your holiday party, your legal counsel can get the event designated as a “widely attended gathering.” This designation will ensure that customers can legally attend the event in compliance with the appropriate ethics guidelines and laws. If you do throw a “WAG” holiday party, it becomes a great opportunity for customers to mingle with you and your staff. The holiday doldrums are usually less present at parties, which allows for more informal and upbeat interaction with your customers, targets, and teaming partners.  (Just make sure to control, or stop, the alcohol flow to save yourself some headaches!)

How can a holiday party promote growth?

  1. Introduce your customers to your staff: Your party is an opportunity to get more members of your key staff in front of potential strategic partners or customers- allowing you to brag about your team in a social environment and help the groups connect, even if networking on their own isn’t their strength.

  2. Expand your network: If you’ve spent some time assembling a robust invitation list, your party can also strategically expand your network. Don’t underestimate the value of face time with valuable contacts in a pleasant and casual environment. The relationships that you build at your holiday party may prove invaluable come after the new year.

  3. Improve brand perception: A professional and well-planned holiday party can help create goodwill around your brand. This is particularly valuable for smaller businesses, as the event will reinforce the fact that you are a stable, profitable, and well-run business. Also, if you have a strategic invitation list, your holiday party will get your brand in front of a larger-than-usual audience, including some potential new contacts, for a feel-good reason.

Hosting a successful holiday party each year can lead to new opportunities in the future. The experts at growth[period] can create a plan that will lead to a strong start in the new year. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop a plan for strategic and sustainable growth.

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