We understand that no two problems are alike

We follow a proven business development process and tailor services for your company within each step. Our customizable approach enables us to provide solutions and strategies that are as unique as our clients’ challenges.


growth[period] offers customized reports based on first-class intelligence and our world-class expertise. Along with our guidance, our analyses allow clients to achieve established milestones, break though roadblocks, and tap into unrealized potential.
Opportunity identification
We match clients’ core competencies with corresponding market areas and identify the upcoming opportunities with customers in each space. We help find, manage, and close deals faster.
  • We source and validate upcoming RFPs, RFIs and other forms of contracts that are addressable and specific to our individual clients.
  • Our executives use AI driven tools and a proprietary, primary source database to identify opportunities in whitespace markets.
  • Market penetration. The aim of this strategy is to increase sales of existing products or services on existing markets, and thus to increase your market share.
  • Foreign market development and entry.
Go-to-market preparation
We thoroughly prepare our clients for market entry by educating them on the current market atmosphere, market structure, and customer culture.

The professionals at growth[period] work with our clients to build successful commercial strategies.

Our experts provide strategic, commercial, and financial support during the process of deploying new or existing products to market. We bring a wide array of expert insights touching on market analysis, channel mapping, distribution alignment, and route-to-market planning.

  • We analyze funding and budget information, as well as analyze key trends, drivers, and use that data to create effective growth strategies.
  • In order to realize these new business objectives, we also perform gap analyses to identify the requirements necessary to capitalize on new business opportunities in new markets.
New market entry

We are highly experienced at facilitating expansion into new target markets around the world.

  • Our firm has offices worldwide and regional experts who are specialists at growing business in those regions. Dubai / London / Scottsdale / Philadelphia / Washington D.C.
Corporate problem solving
We implement processes and methods that mitigate or remove the obstacles preventing our clients from reaching their established goals.
  • Problem solving can be defined as searching for steps that will lead to a successful outcome.
  • We analyze the number of variables needed to be taken into consideration and simplify the problem by reducing it to the essential.
  • Experience has taught us that when a client’s goals for solving the problem contradict each other or conflict with one another, such situation requires prioritizing the outcomes..
  • Our executives help our clients clearly define their unique problems, recognize the barriers, and then implement a solution to solve them.
  • This is a bespoke custom and discrete service. Contact us for more information.
Market positioning
We skillfully strategize the optimal position for our client’s solutions to occupy within the market in order to give them an edge against competition.
Adjacent market development
By leveraging our clients’ core capabilities, we help them identify new and profitable markets for their business to expand into.
  • Domestic U.S. and international.
  • Diversification into federal markets or conversely into commercial markets.
  • For government contractors expansion into adjacent agencies / departments - i.e., growth expansion into the federal civilian market or the defense market.
Geographic market expansion
We guide clients seamlessly through the process of entering new geographic locations.
  • Help foreign companies enter the domestic U.S. market.
  • Assist U.S. companies with growth into markets abroad.
  • All of our staff undergo Foreign Corrupt Practices Act training on an annual basis.
Market intelligence research
We gather the relevant market information – including trends, customer monitoring, and competitor research – for our clients to make informed strategy decisions and stay competitive within their industry.
  • We provide insight about your customers key needs and objectives that we have validated.
  • Our firm has an AI driven proprietary database populated with primary source information that we mine to provide the most accurate data.

Merger and

growth[period] is a leading provider of strategic merger and acquisition support for sectors across several different industries. Our analytic support services cover all phases of the transaction process, from market intelligence to acquisition target evaluation and identification, through to comprehensive due diligence, and beyond.
M&A strategy support
We supply invaluable guidance, analytics, and resources to clients who are in the process of a merger and/or acquisition on both the buy-side and the sell-side.
  • We provide due diligence on the buy-side and sell-side of transactions. We are experienced at working in support of family offices, strategic acquirers, private equity funds, investment banks, hedge funds and private companies.
Transaction advisory services: buy-side and sell-side
We help our clients navigate the complexities of corporate transactions by providing first-class intelligence and support.
  • Buy-side: Our diligence services help to identify potential risk factors pertaining to the targets current contracts and pertaining to their stated future growth plan (contract funnel). Knowing the above helps the acquirer position itself for future success and sets the stage to capture synergies post closing. We focus on identifying possible risks and measuring their weight in relation to the due value.
  • Sell-side: we work with the leadership team who are managing the sale process to leverage due diligence to mitigate risks so these risks do not end up hurting the deal and lowering the price. We focus on eliminating possible risks that would decrease the future deal value.
  • We have decades of deep experience providing business development due diligence across a variety of industries.
Growth-to-exit planning

Growth planning is about increasing the size and value of your business. Exit planning is about extracting the value that you’ve created from your business. We connect the two in both strategic and tactical manners and provide actionable plans with milestones to measure progress.

  • A growth plan will help you map out the next level of growth and attempt to budget for the time, resources and commitment needed to get to that next level. Whereas an exit plan will help put you on a path to bringing in someone else to take the business that you’ve created to the next level.
  • Both growth planning and exit planning follow a process.
  • Growth planning is about figuring out which areas of your business – i.e. the value drivers – should be prioritized and addressed ahead of other areas.
  • Exit planning focuses on learning about all of the exit options that are available to you so that you can determine which one best fits your business and personal goals.
Corporate due diligence
We expertly assess the viability, financial history, and potential risks of a business prior to acquisition to ensure our clients a secure and profitable transaction.
  • For us, corporate sponsored due diligence is more than just a report. It’s about providing ongoing advice beyond the initial review of the target's growth strategy and sales funnel. Our team of experts takes a deep dive into every aspect of the target's business development operations.
  • We have our own comprehensive tools and methodologies built in to our processes.
Investor diligence

To help investors determine the risks and rewards of a particular venture, we perform a detailed investigation of the target business or asset’ current contract performance and future growth plans and sales funnel.

  • We work with investors to set goals in order to provide our clients with the information about the target’s current and future growth goals needed to make informed investment decisions.

Strategy and

Our in-depth experience allows us to create the right strategy and deliver the best results for our clients, no matter their size or stage of development. We work with you to support, develop and implement business strategies to improve your business success. Our global footprint and expertise in multiple sectors and services allow us to enhance our clients' businesses worldwide.
Advisory and assistance solutions

We are the premier firm for providing buy- and sell-side due diligence, contracts and privacy compliance reviews, corporate compliance risk, and governance for transactions in our industry.

We provide:
  • Financial due diligence on targets.
  • Buy-side due diligence on the target acquisition company, including key management.
  • Sell-side due diligence on sponsors/founders.
  • Evaluation of corporate governance and reporting.
ESG strategy
Our executives work with companies and organizations to help improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and responsible investment.
  • We work with our clients to help clarify their internal ESG vision, mission statement, and priorities.
  • We identify investors' motivations and expectations pertaining to ESG related issues.
  • Our experts work with our clients to develop frameworks, solutions, and services for ESG related challenges in-house.
  • We work in support of companies within the construction industry to help them devise strategic plans regarding climate change and its many implications and opportunities.
Corporate structuring
To increase the effectiveness and profitability of a business, we devise and implement detailed plans for structural reorganization.
At growth[period], we put a high value on Corporate Social Responsibility and view it as a guiding force for our firm. In turn, we counsel clients on how to better integrate CSR into their own operations.
  • We provide management consulting services specific to CSR, governance strategy, and implementation.
  • Our primary expertise lies within the purview of corporate social responsibility, with particular focus on environmental, health, and safety concerns.
Strategic market alignment
Our experts ensure that every element of our clients’ business aligns with their overall strategy and stated objectives.
  • Our experts assess and rank realistic options for growth in strategic markets, and help clients determine what they require to expand into those markets.

Executive recruiting

A subsidiary of growth[period] for almost 13 years, Potomac Recruiting excels at preparing for and connecting clients to the job that’s best suited for them.

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