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Our executives are experienced practitioners across all the industries we serve. As financial and private equity investors, corporate executives, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and military personnel, our team has the knowledge necessary to ensure our clients’ success.

Federal, aerospace,
and defense


For over a century, the aerospace and defense industry has shaped the world around us in countless ways. From our first trip to the moon and beyond, the industry’s innovations and achievements have shifted our perception of what we thought possible. As new technologies continue to emerge and evolve, aerospace and defense is poised to become even more essential to our daily lives.

At growth[period], we work across a wide range of global aerospace, defense, and federal-facing companies to help bring their solutions and services to customers worldwide. We assist with teaming, competitive assessments, positioning, target identification, M&A support, lateral whitespace growth, organizational design, new market entry, and more.

  • Homeland security
  • Law enforcement solutions
  • Combating terrorism / anti-terrorism
  • Homeland defense
  • Special operations & low intensity conflict (in-theater operations)
  • Homeland defense
  • Preparedness & response / consequence management
  • Traditional defense systems & services
  • Aerospace
  • Border & sensor systems
  • C4ISR
  • Physical security solutions
  • Agriculture & food production & security
  • Veteran's affairs
  • Physical security & access control

Sports, entertainment,
hospitality, arts and culture


Many services within the sports, entertainment, and hospitality sector are critical to our daily lives. From food and beverages, to lodging, to sports, this vertical is a hugely influential portion of the market that continues to grow at a rapid pace each year – currently, it accounts for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide. Not only do the sectors within this industry provide invaluable services, but they also have a rich history of innovation in products and solutions.

Our firm is experienced at negotiating deals that focus on the entire customer experience across all the industries in this vertical. We work with a range of businesses that are dedicated to providing entertainment service, and our executives have successfully helped companies close deals related to sporting events, music concerts, art (digital and traditional) and performance, museums, theme parks, and cultural events.

  • Professional & amateur sports
  • Communications
  • Event security
  • RFID
  • Specialty apparel & retail
  • Media & telecom
  • Lifestyle foods
  • Real-time location solutions
  • Gaming
  • Fantasy sports
  • Lifestyle brands
  • Analytics
  • Art crime
  • Cultural artifacts

IT, fintech, cyber,
telecom, and cloud


Over the past few years, many companies have been embracing digital transformation journeys to diversify their path forward. Recent world events have only accelerated this shift – it is estimated that the world has vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption. Online activities and transactions are no longer a matter of convenience but a necessity, and the advance of cutting-edge digital technology provides a unique opportunity to extend financial inclusion, improve the daily lives of people, and spur growth.

As the world continues to move towards an increasingly digital domain, the opportunities for revenue growth are endless. growth[period]’s executives are deal makers at the forefront of this transformation, and we thrive at ensuring our clients capitalize on these new and exciting ventures. We work in support of blockchain, NFT, e-commerce, AI, metaverse, augmented and virtual reality, internet of things (IOT), cyber security, smart cities, cryptocurrency, telecom, data, fintech, cloud and traditional IT companies.

  • Nanotechnology
  • Emerging
  • Data centers
  • Incubators
  • Cyber warfare
  • Forensics
  • Financial & back office solutions
  • Cutting edge
  • Cloud computing
  • Software & hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile device systems & services (BYOD)

Global health
and wellness


Our clients define wellness and health through a broad and sophisticated lens, one that encompasses not just fitness and nutrition but overall physical and mental wellbeing. In today’s world, consumers have a lot of choice in the types of products and services they buy and the way they buy them - we specialize in bringing those products and services forward to market in a highly successful manner. We help our clients differentiate from competitors in a multitude of ways, giving them an edge in their market space.

At growth[period], we work with a variety of clients in this field to bring creative and innovative solutions, from COVID-19 to services for hospital systems to military healthcare. We connect clients to customers and deliver value. Our network across these markets is unparalleled and we are experts in positioning our clients in front of key decision-makers to win new business.

  • Bio-Preparedness
  • Preventative health
  • Pandemic solutions
  • Anti agro-terrorism
  • Nanotechnology
  • Medical devices & imaging
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Electronic health record solutions & coding
  • Environmental quality monitoring systems

Construction, architecture,
and engineering


The global construction industry is set to be a global engine for economic growth following COVID-19. While climate change poses itself as the industry’s biggest challenge, it also presents new opportunities. ESG and green financing have the potential to drive a greener recovery from the pandemic, and there are huge opportunities for the construction industry to both strengthen and rebuild infrastructure following natural disasters, and generate innovative solutions for successive generations.

Our executives help grow all aspects of these industries worldwide, with an emphasis on the growth of sustainable products and solutions in these fields. Our firm has an office in Dubai, through which we facilitate growth for our clients in the Middle East and Africa. Infrastructure, an area our experts have focused on for years, is forecasted to be the fastest growing sector for construction over the next decade, particularly in the Sub-Saharan region. This creates a dynamic environment for sizeable revenue gain and highly profitable prospects in the field.

  • Design and build classified/unclassified spaces
  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Building and civil construction
  • International design build projects
  • Sports complex construction
  • Healthcare infrastructure design, build, and engineering
  • Green / sustainable design and construction
  • Renewable / alternative energy
  • Mission critical projects
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