Momentum Aerospace Group & Zebra Technologies

Special Forces Shoot House Demonstration

Special Forces Shoot House Demonstration


Momentum Aerospace Group (MAG) is an operational Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (IRS) company with a large federal and international clientele base. Zebra Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of real-time locating systems (RTLS) technology. RTLS is used by the manufacturing, health care, and professional sports industries to instantaneously track critical components and people in real time and view these locations in active movement via multiple devices.


While experts in their own fields, both MAG and Zebra Technologies were uncertain as to how to grow their respective businesses. And Zebra, in particular, wished to expand its presence in the federal market. Neither was aware that the Special Forces market, which is continually seeking ways to enhance training effectiveness, might benefit greatly from their expertise.


After learning of the complementary capabilities of two companies, growth[period] developed the idea of partnering MAG and Zebra Technologies to create TEAMWorks, a collaborative effort delivering real-time intelligence solutions to enhance decision-making during training and operations. TEAMWorks has copious applications for a variety of customers, but growth[period] suggested that it first tap the Special Forces market. This initial effort was labeled Real Time Performance Intelligence (RTPI) due to the type of information TEAMWorks technology could provide instructors and their pupils.

After signing an exclusive partnership arrangement, growth[period] procured a live demo for MAG and Zebra with the 20th Special Forces Group (20th SFG) of the Army National Guard, believing the technology could increase the group’s training capabilities while reducing costs. Plus, the system’s performance measurements would provide feedback for instructors and students, enhancing the overall learning experience. The data produced by the RTPI Systems include: precise orientation of all students and other role-players; location of pistols, rifles, and stun grenades; the state of a training facility, such as open or closed windows and doors; and bio-signals for respiration and heart rate.


Ultimately, RTPI allowed the 20th SFG to simplify the tracking of personnel and key equipment during active-shooter training and reduced the administrative burden of conducting after-event reviews. This, in turn, increased the situational awareness of commanders with their training units. The information and analytics culled from the process resulted in a database which provides a rich archive that can be used to improve individual and team performance. With growth[period]’s assistance, MAG is targeting new customer bases, such as the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement. growth[period] has also helped raise MAG’s “brand awareness” as a global situational awareness provider and assisted MAG in obtaining GSA contract vehicles, through which the government can now procure their services.

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