Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose growth[period] over other consulting firms?

growth[period] is unique in the sense that our one and only focus is intelligent expansion. Our business development partners are the most experienced that industry has to offer. They have executive leadership experience at the highest levels of both industry and government. Our professionals also act with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and insight, and as such, growth[period] achieves results for their clients. We aim to deliver quality and quantifiable performance to our clients and take our client relationships seriously. growth[period] has achieved an outstanding 84 percent referral rate from existing clients over the last eight years. Over the last eight years, our team has successfully developing a number of high profile relationships, which have matured and grown in stature as we have been their partners in expansion. We are selective in taking on clients and customize our approach to each client to fit their needs. growth[period]’s team is uniquely positioned across many verticals to help our clients suceed.

What services does growth[period] provide?

We provide our clients with business development consulting services including: strategic business development, opportunity identification, industry positioning, market penetration, and lateral expansion. growth[period] also offers transaction advisory services including due diligence, merger and acquisition support, valuation, and competitive intelligence. Our subsidiary company, Potomac Recruiting, provides executive recruiting, human capital due diligence, and career planning services.

What guarantees does growth[period] give?

Companies that hire business development consultants often have the misperception that they should automatically experience an increase in revenue and number of contracts because they have invested financially in business development. growth[period] has a consistent track record of assisting companies win contracts and increase their revenue, but does not necessarily guarantee that advancement will occur from simply engaging.

What do we as a client have to do to make the relationship successful?

Engaging with any consultant, including growth[period], requires communication and hard work on the part of both parties. To achieve the most success, proactive interaction, attention to detail, preparedness, flexibility, and accountability must all be priorities for both growth[period] and the client throughout the engagement.

How do clients monitor progress made by growth[period] consultants?

growth[period] provides all retainer based clients with bi-monthly reports for the entire length of the engagement including activity that has been performed over that eight week period, future activity planned for the next eight weeks, upcoming early stage customized opportunities for bid consideration, potential events to attend with relevant business cases justifying participation, and timely news clippings relevant to each client. growth[period] also uses a CRM tool to track all actions and provides the clients on a bi-monthly basis with a copy of their tracking matrix correlating all activity on their behalf to the pipeline of opportunities under consideration. growth[period] also offers consultation calls, often on a bi-weekly basis, with all retained clients to provide status reviews and growth[period] executives are available to meet in-person with their clients five days a week throughout the calendar year.

Why is organic growth so important for companies?

Strategies for organic growth differ from strategies for non-organic growth, such as mergers and acquisitions, in the sense that they are generated internally through customer satisfaction. Organic growth often results in increases of employee retention rates, return on investment (ROI), ability to measure your business’s sustainability, and sales volume that otherwise would be costly.

How does growth[period] assist with a diversification strategy?

growth[period]’s experts operate across a variety of diverse verticals, including: Federal, defense, and aerospace; sports, entertainment, and hospitality; digital, cyber, telecom, and cloud; global health and wellness; and construction, architecture, and engineering. We use our connections and industry knowledge to target new opportunities that take advantage of our client’s core competencies and apply them in exciting new ways. We gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ products and services, served markets, and competition, and use this information to develop strategies for taking those products and services in a new direction, without compromising current customers or developing new offerings. growth[period] works to create synergies with new customers who have applications for our clients’ existing offerings and identifies partnership opportunities that enable our clients to provide end-to-end solutions in addition to discrete services.

What does growth[period] do during the initial stages of their retained engagement with any client?
  • growth[period] and the client conduct a kickoff meeting after the signing of the contract. During the kickoff meeting they review the current client pipeline and set up the initial tactical and strategic business development strategy. A CRM tool is used to start to track activity.
  • After the kickoff meeting the pipeline augmentation process accelerates, growth[period] identifies and validates potential A, B, and C targets for consideration by the client. Opportunities are decided on and ranked jointly for appropriate level of effort and pursuit.
  • growth[period] creates contact plans and works with the client to facilitating the teaming strategy for all pipeline opportunities. growth[period] helps the client prepare for pending customer and teaming meeting.
  • growth[period] attends all customer and teaming meetings and tracks essential follow on actions. They then coordinate all relevant follow-on activities where necessary in conjunction with their client.
  • growth[period] continues to facilitate the evolution and progress of business development objectives going forward.
What are growth[period]'s Mergers and Acquisitions Support?

growth[period] provides strategic due diligence and market intelligence for private equity, hedge fund, venture capital, and industry clients. As experts in expansion we offer guidance on how to best position to realize ROIC on any acquisition activity. We provide complete diligence support, including validation of a target company’s business development revenue forecast, pipeline, backlog, customer relationships, competitive positioning, and strategic growth plans. Our analytic support services span all stages of the transaction process. Our services have been successfully applied on both the buy and sell side of deals ranging from $1 million to $10 billion.

How can growth[period] help support prospective buyers?

growth[period] assists buyers through due diligence and acquisition screening. You can expect growth[period] to ensure that the company you are buying and its pipeline are solid. growth[period] can carry out an in-depth acquisition screen before choosing a company to buy. We can develop early strategy, find adjacencies, target high-return markets, and identify firms worth your time to pursue. growth[period] determines which firms are willing to sell and helps you determine a fair price to pay. Lastly, growth[period] provides post-acquisition strategy so that buyers do not hit any speed bumps in their expansion trajectory through the transition process.

How can we help on the seller’s side?

growth[period] will help you figure out everything from identifying ideal buyers to attracting them. We are adept in creating growth-to-exit strategies as well as creating documents to reinforce and support your pipeline so that it can withstand any diligence process it may be subject to. growth[period] will help your business achieve its exit objectives and maximize its value for purchase within your preferred timeline.

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