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“growth[period] is by far the best consulting firm I have ever had work in support of me and my team. They do exactly what they say they are going to do, achieve results, and their work product is outstanding. They have the network, insight, and experience any CEO values and I cannot recommend them enough."

David Dacquino CEO, Serco North America


Companies must be fully prepared to go to market in an organized and efficient manner before they can address business opportunities within a new market. growth[period] focuses on thoroughly preparing our clients to ensure they meet with success. Our goal is to help the client not only understand the current market atmosphere, but to ensure they approach the market in an intelligent way.

To fully prepare our clients for market entry, growth[period] educates the client on the customer culture and business climate, as well as the way in which the market is organized. We analyze funding and budget information, as well as key trends, drivers, and mission growth areas of the market, and use this insight to advise the client on which capabilities or services they should highlight and emphasize. Additionally, growth[period] will evaluate slide decks and presentation materials before meetings, to ensure the client’s message is relayed properly and effectively. growth[period] experts provide our clients with information on customers and competitors within the marketplace, and break down the competitive landscape. As our leadership team has over one hundred and fifty years of experience across government and industry, we are uniquely positioned to guide our customers in understanding and navigating the market.



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