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Strategic Client Advisors

Rear Admiral Dr. Michael Bachmann, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Rear Admiral Bachmann served in the US Navy for over 35 years in the Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer Community.  His career culminated in his five-year tour as the Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), during which time he advanced the Navy’s acquisition of C4ISR, information operations, information technology, cyber, and space systems.  Rear Admiral Bachmann also served in senior Flag leadership roles at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).  

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Navy; SPAWAR; NAVAIR; C4ISR; Cyber

Mr. Nelson Balido

Mr. Balido is one of the leading authorities on our U.S. borders for trade, travel, energy, and security issues.  During his career, he served on the private sector division of FEMA, was appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council by Secretary Chertoff, and served on the Industry Trade Advisory Council for the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – FEMA; DHS; Department of Commerce; Border & Trade Relations

Mr. James C. Ballard, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Mr. Ballard spent 24 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring at the rank of Captain after serving as Deputy Program Manager and Technical Director for Ocean Engineering Programs.  During his tenure with the Navy, Mr. Ballard also held the positions of Director of Submarine Safety and Quality Assurance and Major Program Manager for Nuclear Attack Submarines.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – Navy; Intelligence Community

Mr. Michael Bergeron

Mr. Bergeron has over a decade of experience in senior positions at the CIA.  Over the course of his career, Mr. Bergeron served as the Chief/Deputy Chief of Non-Traditional Support, the Chief of Agency IT Support, and the Chief of Ground Systems Contracts Team. 

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – Intelligence Community

Lieutenant General Walter E. Buchanan III, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Lt. Gen. Buchanan had a long and successful career with the U.S. Air Force, culminating in his appointment as Commander of the Central Command Air Forces and Ninth Air Force, Shaw AFB, South Carolina. He also served in various other positions within the USAF, including Commander of the Joint Task Force South-West Asia and Deputy to the Combined Forces Air Component Commander at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; USAF

Mr. Rodney (Rocky) L. Bush

Mr. Bush recently retired as the Executive Assistant Director for Global Operations at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. As a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) Mr. Bush possesses three decades of security, law enforcement, and intelligence experience uniquely formulated by operational, managerial, and executive responsibilities with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and as a member of the Cisco Systems Information Security team. Mr. Bush's specialized application of investigative and operational Cyber capabilities resulted in him being selected as NCIS Counterintelligence Agent of the Year and personal recognition from FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; Navy; NCIS; Security

Mr. Ron Castleman

Mr. Castleman served as Chief Operating Officer of FEMA, where he was responsible for day-to-day operational activities and oversaw response, recovery, preparedness, and national security coordination activities. Mr. Castleman has also served as the head of the U.S. Civil Emergency Planning Delegation to NATO, and as acted as Regional Director for FEMA.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DHS; FEMA; Disaster Preparedness

Ms. Kathryn Condon

Ms. Condon had an illustrious 30-year career in Federal service.  She served as Executive Director of the Army National Cemeteries Program, where she led Arlington Cemetery’s remarkable turnaround and held a number of senior executive positions with the Department of the Army.  Ms. Condon has been recognized numerous times for exemplary service. 

       Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Army

Mr. Thomas E. Davidson

Mr. Davidson served the U.S. Air Force for 26 years with the rank of Colonel. He held the positions of Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Programs and Chief of the Plans, Policy, and Programs Division at Air Force Special Operations Command. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD

Mr. Mark Day

Mr. Day served as the Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Integrated Technology Service for the GSA, and has a wide range of experience successfully leading IT operations, policy, and security.  He has over 30 years of experience managing large, complex organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – GSA; HUD; EPA; IT Operations & Policy 

Mr. James Doyle

Mr. Doyle has over twenty-five years of financial planning, analysis, and management experience, with demonstrated success in growth, consolidation and streamlining situations. Mr. Doyle has provided financial oversight for contract and licensing negotiation, integrations, overhead budget and profit goals, and major competitive proposals for both the federal and commercial spaces. 

Expertise: Merger & Acquisition Support – Financial Planning and Analysis; Contracting; Intellectual Property Protection

Mr. Alun Evans, CMG

Mr. Evans spent the majority of his career in the British Diplomatic Service and served abroad in Rangoon, Singapore, Geneva, and Pretoria. He completed his final post as Director responsible for IT and Communications.  

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Intelligence Community  

Mr. Mark Fallon

Mr. Fallon has had an impressive career in the national security, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence arenas, having served as a national security consultant, DHS Senior Executive Service member, and NCIS Deputy Assistant Director. He has worked closely with agencies within the intelligence and investigative communities.


Expertise: Federal, Defense, & Aerospace – Law Enforcement; National Security;  Counterterrorism; Training; DHS; NCIS; DoD

Mr. Dennis Filler
Mr. Filler was the first CIO for the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO), where he led the consolidation of IT services across the ATO, developed a standardized national IT service delivery infrastructure, created two National Data Centers and the implemented an Enterprise Architecture for the ATO. He also served in many positions at the FAA's William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, including Chief Scientist and Acting Deputy Director.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – Federal Civilian Agencies 

MG (Ret.) Yves Fontaine
Major General Fontaine has had an illustrious career with the U.S. Army, where he served for 36 years as a logistics officer.  He was responsible for leading the Army Sustainment Command through two contingencies operations and served as the Commanding General of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command in Europe.  Major General Fontaine was also the G4 (Logistics) for U.S. Army-Europe during the drawdown of U.S. contracts in Kosovo, where he worked closely with NATO allies. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Army; NATO; Strategic Planning; Logistics

Mr. Joseph L. Ford 
Mr. Ford had a 30 year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He served as the FBI’s Associate Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer. He also was the FBI’s Chief Financial Officer. During his FBI career, Mr. Ford investigated significant public corruption matters, major government program frauds, computer crimes, health care fraud and corporate fraud. He led the corporate fraud investigations of Enron and Arthur Anderson as the FBI’s lead investigator and Inspector-in-Charge. Mr. Ford authored federal health care fraud legislation and developed the FBI's national program in combating health care fraud.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace -- FBI; Law Enforcement; National Security; Intelligence Community

Dr. Daniel Gerstein

Dr. Gerstein is an expert in security and defense policy, counterterrorism, biodefense, and cybersecurity. He began his career with the U.S. Army, and has held high-level positions at the Pentagon, DHS, L-3 Communications, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Army; DoD; DHS; Security & Defense Policy; Biodefense; Cybersecurity; Science & Technology Policy

Ms. Susan Goldberg

Ms. Goldberg is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a strong clinical background in both chronic and acute care settings.  She is a highly skilled leader with a background in quality improvement analysis, financial management and budgeting, and staffing training and patient education.

Expertise: Global Health & Wellness – Healthcare; Healthcare Education 

Mr. W. Scott Gray
Mr. Gray has had a long and distinguished career at the U.S. Navy. He served in numerous commands and senior positions within the Navy, including: Deputy Chief of Legislative Affairs, Executive Assistant to the Secretary and Under Secretary of the Navy, and Commanding Officer for both the USS MARYLAND and the USS EMORY S. LAND.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud  -- DoD; Intelligence Community; Federal Civilian Agencies

Ms. Mary Ann Hope

Mrs. Hope has over 39 years of experience in Federal healthcare agencies.  Over the course of her career, she served as the Director of the Regulations Management Team for CMS, Acting Director for the Division of External Affairs and Executive Advisor to the Director.  She contributed to the development of national healthcare policies and managed high-profile healthcare initiatives.

Expertise: Global Health & Wellness – HHS; CMS; Federal Civilian Agencies 

Mr. Stephen Irwin

Mr. Irwin served as Project Manager and Civil Aviation Advisor for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the UN, where he worked with the Afghan Ministry of Transport for three and a half years to bring Kabul International Airport in line with international norms. He has had a long career in the aviation security industry and provided professional and technical services for Homeland Security customers in DHS, DoD, and other agencies.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; DHS; Aviation

Vice Admiral Matthew J. Kohler, U.S. Navy (ret.)

Vice Admiral Matt Kohler is a retired three-star admiral with 36 years of naval service. He most recently served as the Deputy Department of the Navy (DON) Chief Information Officer, Director of Naval Intelligence and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare managing a $9B portfolio. Kohler also led the U.S. Navy’s Information Warfare Community of over 50,000 uniformed and civilian professionals (Cyber, Intelligence, IT, Space, Meteorology and Oceanography), and managed senior executive (admirals and senior civilian executives) career development and personnel placement.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Navy; Intelligence; Cyber

Mr. James L. Kwolek

Mr. Kwolek spent over two decades with the National Geospatial Agency (NGA), retiring as a Senior Executive. His assignments included Deputy Director, NGA Defense-Pentagon, and Interim Deputy Chief CIO for the NGA. Mr. Kwolek spent the first twenty-four years of his career at the Defense Mapping Agency, National Imagery and Mapping Agency at NGA.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – NGA; Intelligence Community

Rear Admiral Donald P. Loren, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Rear Admiral Loren, U.S. Navy (Ret.) was appointed in 2007 as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Security Integration. Prior to this position, he served as a Senior National Intelligence Service Executive in the Office of the Director, National Intelligence, where he was assigned as the first Deputy for Operations Support at the then newly created National Counterterrorism Center. He has held many leadership roles throughout his thirty-one-year naval career, including principal staff NATO advisor for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Colin Powell.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; DHS; Navy; Intelligence Community; NATO

Mr. Chet Lunner

Mr. Lunner served as Deputy Under Secretary of Homeland Security in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Acting Assistant Secretary for DHS Office of State and Local Government Coordination, and Assistant Administrator of TSA for Maritime and Land Security. Mr. Lunner helped design and stand up TSA in the wake of the September 11th, 2001 attacks, and played a key role in the expansion of the Federal Air Marshal Service. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DHS; TSA; Security Policy; Intelligence Community

Major General Randy Manner, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Major General Manner has enjoyed over three decades in senior leadership and management as both an Army Officer and senior business executive. Major General Manner served a long and distinguished military career, which included his position as the Deputy Commanding General of the 3rd Army in Kuwait, where he helped to lead the largest logistics operation since WWII.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; Army

Mr. Gerard M. McDonald 
Mr. McDonald is an experienced nuclear technician with sophisticated computer skills. Mr. McDonald provides subject matter expertise on the nuclear power plant industry for mergers and acquisitions and diligence projects with a focus on operational insight pertaining to nuclear plant decommissioning. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; Nuclear 

Dr. Brett Miller
Dr. Miller served as the Chief of Staff, NSA and Central Security Services, and possesses an extensive record of leading highly secure, mission-critical initiatives.  He also served as the Senior NSA Representative to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of Intelligence for the Chief Cryptologic Services Group, and managed the Information Technology Division.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – NSA; DoD; Cyber Policy; Intelligence Community

Dr. Rick Morrison

Dr. Morrison has held several high-level positions within the U.S. Army in the areas of engineering and research and development, including Deputy Director for the Army Engineer Research and Development Center and Director of Research and Laboratory Management.  He has received numerous awards and accolades for his service.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Army; DoD; Intelligence Community; Science & Technology; Engineering

Mr. Shaun M. Murphy

Mr. Murphy has had a long and distinguished career with the Central Intelligence Agency. He served as Chief of Station for the CIA’s National Clandestine Service in Afghanistan, where he managed a large station in a war zone and directed integrated partner operations against terrorist targets. Prior to this role, Mr. Murphy acted as Chief of the CIA’s Counter-Proliferation Division and as Director of the Counter Proliferation Center. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; CIA; Counterterrorism; Intelligence Community

Mr. M.K. Narayanan

Mr. Narayanan has had a distinguished career in the Indian intelligence community.  He served as Director of India’s Intelligence Bureau under four Prime Ministers and headed India’s Joint Intelligence Committee.  Additionally, Mr. Narayanan worked for 6 years in the Indian Prime Minister’s Office, first as Special Advisor for Internal Security, and later as National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Security; Intelligence Community

Ms. Linda L. Pagelsen

Ms. Pagelsen served in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Professional Staff Member for the Committee on Appropriations, where she was responsible for the review and oversight of U.S. Intelligence Community programs for the Subcommittee on Defense and the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel. Prior to the U.S. House, Linda served as the Chief Budget Officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and had nearly a ten-year tenure with the Department of Justice.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Intelligence Community; Justice & Law Enforcement; Federal Civilian Agencies

Mr. William Van Rensalier Parker

Mr. Parker has had a distinguished career spanning three decades as a businessman and diplomat. During his time as a Foreign Service Officer in the Department of State, Mr. Parker served in several capacities, including Foreign Policy Advisor in the United States Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base. Mr. Parker also served as Office Director for Global Strategic Communications at the DoS Bureau of International Information Programs/Strategic Communications; the Cultural Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi; and the DoS Organization Development Officer, among other senior positions.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoS; DoD; Air Force; International Relations; Foreign Policy

Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter, MD, FACP

Dr. Perlmuter had a distinguished career in healthcare and has spent nearly three decades at hospitals around the country. He has also held several academic positions and served on numerous hospital and healthcare committees.  Dr. Perlmuter has experience in the fields of internal medicine, ambulatory medicine, rehabilitation, and home health care, among other practice areas.

Expertise: Global Health & Wellness – Healthcare; Medicine; Primary Care; Medical Economics; Malpractice; Healthcare Law

Mr. Steven Pomerantz

Mr. Pomerantz worked for the FBI for 27 years, where he rose from field investigative Special Agent to Assistant Director, the third highest position in the FBI at the time.  He served three separate tours of duty at FBI Headquarters and was the Assistant Director in Charge of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – FBI; Intelligence Community; Law Enforcement; Counterterrorism

Mr. Frank P. Pugliese, Jr.

Mr. Pugliese is the former commissioner for the General Services Administration, and he received numerous citations for contributing to better government during his 28-year tenure with the agency.  He was awarded Government Executive of the Year for creating an electronic ordering system for federal procurement.

Expertise: Construction, Architecture, & Engineering – Real Estate; Infrastructure Development; Technology

Mr. Oliver Revell

Mr. Revell served for 30 years at the FBI, from which he retired with the rank of Associate Deputy Director. While with the FBI, Mr. Revell served as Assistant Director in charge of Criminal Investigations and was a member of the National Foreign Intelligence Board, among others.  He also served five years as an Officer and Aviator in the U.S. Marine Corps and left active duty as a Captain.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – FBI; USMC; Intelligence Community; Justice & Law Enforcement

Mr. Kenneth A. Riccini

Mr. Riccini is a recognized technology leader with experience ranging from data center operations to decennial census processing operations to national telecommunications operations. Mr. Riccini has participated in Census Bureau Field Organization technology assessments, analysis of HUD IT infrastructure assessment and contract replacement, and GSA Network Services 2020 portfolio strategy development. 

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – Census; HUD; Federal Civilian Agencies

Mr. John H. Richardson

Mr. Richardson's professional specialty is development, planning, and design of major, nationwide infrastructure projects.  Throughout his career, he has focused on large development projects, real estate, and technology ventures, including the $1.5 billion Innovative Finance Initiative for the North Central Texas Council of Governments Cotton Belt Corridor. 

Expertise: Construction, Architecture, & Engineering – Real Estate; Infrastructure Development; Technology

Mr. Randy Richter 

Mr. Richter has 35+ years of success and experience in technical operations, business development, and management within the public and private sectors. He possesses in-depth experience in the full range of business development activities, including Capture Management, Proposal Management, Solution Architecture, and Pricing and Bid Strategy development. He has performed hundreds of Market Studies, Competitive Analyses, Price To Win Analyses in the U.S. Federal, International, and Commercial markets.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace –Pricing Analysis; Business Development; Proposal Management 

Rear Admiral Jim Rodman, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Rear Admiral Rodman served as Chief Engineer of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) San Diego, where he was responsible for the design, development, deployment, and sustainment of the Navy’s C5ISR, Enterprise Information, and Space Systems.  Over the course of his distinguished career, he has developed a detailed understanding of the specialized aerospace applications and systems that are critical to national intelligence and defense.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Navy; SPAWAR; C5ISR; Aerospace Systems; Intelligence; Defense

Dr. Patricia Sanders

Dr. Sanders served as Executive Director of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), which she helped to establish, and held a number of positions within the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  She served in federal government for 34 years, beginning her national security career with the U.S. Army before moving to the Air Force, U.S. Space Command, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and MDA. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; Army; Air Force; Space Command; MDA; Technology

Rear Admiral Norm Saunders, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)

Rear Admiral Saunders is a 35 year veteran of the Coast Guard. He served as Commander, 7th Coast Guard District, and exercised responsibility in the Southeast United States and the Caribbean for Coast Guard activities, including lifesaving, law enforcement, and environmental missions. He also served as Assistant Commandant for Operations for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – USCG; DoD; Law Enforcement 

Mr. Stanley Schneider

Mr. Schneider had a distinguished career at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He served as Director of Advanced Technology and Plans at a multi-billion Presidentially Directed Tri-Agency system consisting of earth orbiting satellites, communications, data processing, and product generation systems.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; NASA; NOAA; Technology; Communications

Chief Scott Seaman (Ret.)

Chief Seaman spent nearly four decades in law enforcement and retired following his tenure as Chief of the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno police department.   Over the course of his career, Chief Seaman also held senior-level positions at the Santa Clara County Regional Interoperability Project and the San Jose Police Department and was President of the California Police Chiefs Association.  He has worked to bring attention to the dangers of cyber attacks to local communities and is highly knowledgeable in the areas of energy security, community-oriented policing, and police policy and practices.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Law Enforcement; Cybersecurity; Energy Security; Investigative Practices; Police Policy

Mr. Donald C. Semesky, Jr.

Mr. Semesky spent eight years as the Chief of the Office of Financial Operations for the DEA, directed the DEA’s worldwide financial enforcement program, and introduced domestic and international initiatives to attack the flow of illicit drug monies back to international sources of drug supply. Prior to the DEA, he spent 30 years at the IRS-CI, where he investigated drug trafficking organizations.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DEA; IRS; Financial Operations; Intelligence Community

Mr. Jeffrey Siedow

Mr. Siedow has over 25 years of experience with global risk management, policy development, and procedural management. He served with the U.S. Secret Service for two decades, where he developed strategic policy and coordinated participation in DHS management improvement and evaluation programs. Mr. Siedow oversaw comprehensive security plans for large and complicated sites, implemented tactical response plans for high profile dignitaries, and established a number of multi-agency task forces to combat electronic and financial crimes.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Secret Service; DHS; Global Security; Security Policy

Mr. Scott Sill

Mr. Sill is an accomplished technology-focused executive with experience in financial services, private equity, and information technology. His experience in various industries includes telecommunications, social media, and financial services, as well as with healthcare IT focused businesses. 

Expertise: Global Health & Wellness – Technology; Healthcare IT; Private Equity; Financial Services

Mr. David A. Smith

Mr. Smith operated in the physical and perimeter security industry and has worked closely with innovative Fiber optic technology. He has served in several senior-level roles, including SVP & General Manager for the Defense & Space Division; CEO and Managing Director; and President and COO for a variety of commercial companies.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – Security; Technological Innovation

Ms. Wendy H. Smith

Mrs. Smith was a Project Director and Senior Advisor for the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), where she worked on NAPA's congressionally directed FBI Transformation Studies.  She was one of two principal NAPA consultants to the FBI CFO, and provided advice and implementation assistance in re-engineering FBI budget and financial management processes. Wendy also performed comparison studies of CFO functions and field operations in multiple law enforcement agencies. 

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – FBI; NAPA; Justice & Law Enforcement; Financial Management 

Major General Michael A. Snodgrass

Major General Snodgrass had a long and successful career in the U.S. Air Force, culminating as the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs, responsible for formulating and integrating Air Force policy with respect to political-military relationships, security assistance, technology and information disclosure issues and attaché affairs.

Expertise: Defense & Aerospace, Air Force, DoD, Federal, International Policy

Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Lieutenant General Soyster served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), as well as Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, U.S. Army.  Additionally, he served as the Commanding General of INSCOM, where he coordinated counterintelligence operations with the FBI and human intelligence operations with the CIA and the DIA.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DIA; CIA; FBI; DoD; Army; Intelligence Community

Major General Henry Stratman, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Major General Stratman was the Chief of Staff for Political, Military, and Economic Integration/Strategic Effects, MNF-I in Baghdad. He worked closely with the Director of the Iraq Reconstruction and Management Office to allocate funds to security activities and to prioritize MNF-I’s execution of Commander’s Emergency Response Program. He also served as the Deputy Commander of NATO’s Joint Command Southeast.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; NATO; Iraq; Military Strategy; Emergency Response

Mr. Mark Sullivan 

Mr. Sullivan is a private sector security and investigate professional with nearly 35 years of experience as a Federal Agent as well as proven Executive-Corporate Leadership. Mr. Sullivan was the Director of the United States Secret Service (USSS) beginning as an entry level field agent and ultimately serving in a variety of leadership roles in the organization for nearly 30 years. Mr. Sullivan led high impact initiatives in criminal investigations and protective operations, strategic planning, threat assessment and risk management, human capital management, training, technology deployment, IT modernization and budget development and execution.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – USSS; Criminal Investigations; Law Enforcement; National Security; Strategic Planning

Brigadier General Neil H. Tolley, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Brigadier General Tolley had a long, distinguished career with the U.S. Army, where he served for over three decades and reached the rank of Brigadier General.  He held a number of high-level positions and served as the Commanding General of the Special Operations Command in Korea (SOCKOR).

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – Army; DoD; Korea; Special Operations

Rear Admiral Lenn Vincent, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Rear Admiral Vincent served as the Industry Chair at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), where he advised the DAU management team, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the uniformed services, and industry. He served in the U.S. Navy for 30 years, a career that culminated in the position of Commandant of the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC).

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DAU; OSD; DLA; Navy; Uniformed Services

Ms. Sara Wachspress

Mrs. Wachspress was the Director of Finance for the Modernization and Information Technology Services at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), where she had a distinguished 35-year career. During her decade-long tenure as director, she worked with the CTO to prioritize the agency’s IT needs and implement innovative technology systems.

Expertise: Digital, Cyber, Telecom & Cloud – IRS; Federal Civilian Agencies; Technology Systems; IT Strategy

Mr. John N. Wanat

Mr. Wanat possesses over 30 years of experience in counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and public integrity, and served as a Federal law enforcement official at NCIS, the FBI, and the Department of Treasury.  He provided national security threat assessments for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) and drafted some of the legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – FBI; DHS; NCIS; CFIUS; Treasury; Commerce; National Security

Ms. Diane Wax

Ms. Wax has held a number of senior leadership positions at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. She served as the Deputy Director of the NIH Center for Information Technology and the Associate Director for Legislative Policy and Analysis at NIH, and has worked in both the academic and policy sectors.

Expertise: Global Health & Wellness – NIH; NIAID; HHS; Technology; Public Policy 

Dr. Jill Wittels

Dr. Wittels has an extensive background in strategy, technology, and engineering and is a highly regarded engineer, scientist, and business executive. She has worked closely with the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Energy (DoE), as well as numerous private companies.

Expertise: Federal, Defense & Aerospace – DoD; DoE; Engineering; Technology; Sustainability 

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