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Peter S. Probst

Peter Probst is a Senior Partner at growth[period], one of the nation's foremost experts on global terrorism and is exceptionally skilled at international business development.

Mr. Probst has an intimate knowledge of the Intelligence and Defense Communities that provides our clients the access, insights and perspective needed to maximize wins and develop productive long-term relationships. Known for his ability to anticipate changes in terrorist targets, tactics and strategies, Mr. Probst helps companies identify critical gaps in United States Government coverage and capabilities, and to develop/tailor products and services to help fill those gaps. With extensive experience with governments and national security issues abroad, Mr. Probst is also expert in advising U.S.-based companies on expanding into international markets.

Mr. Probst joined growth[period] following a distinguished 30-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. While at the Department of Defense, Mr. Probst's work primarily focused on future terrorist threats and the development of strategies, tactics and policy initiatives to more effectively counter it. He co-authored a major and provocative study, "Terror-2000: The Future Face of Terrorism," which predicted the execution of a second, much more successful, attack on the World Trade Center towers; the accomplishment of simultaneous assaults on widely separated targets (as seen in the embassy bombings of 1998); and the deliberate crash of an airplane into the Pentagon, some seven years before the actual terrorist attacks were perpetrated.

Prior to joining the Defense Department, Mr. Probst served 20 years with the CIA working in both the Directorate of Operations and the Directorate of Intelligence with a primary focus on terrorism, insurgency, political violence and political warfare. Mr. Probst initially worked in Special Operations, political and media operations, and psychological warfare, as well as in more traditional intelligence collection activities. Later in his career, he worked extensively in intelligence analysis and production, preparing reports and studies for use by senior government officials including the President.

Additionally, he served in the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Service from which he retired with a reserve rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In this capacity, Lt Col Probst reviewed Air Force intelligence needs, the value of the intelligence developed, and the security of specific high-risk human intelligence (HUMINT) activities in order to recommend their continuance or termination.

An extremely knowledgeable and compelling speaker, both in this country and abroad, Mr. Probst has addressed numerous high-level private sector and government forums on the challenge of Global Jihad and the War on Terrorism – the current state of play, likely future developments, and how these translate into economic opportunities for the private sector.

Mr. Probst is a graduate of Columbia College and Columbia University where he received a BA in history and an MA in anthropology/archaeology. While at Columbia, he also attended the Russian Institute and the Latin American Institute. He resides in the metro Washington, D.C. area.


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