Networking Your Way Through Summer

Summer can seem like a dead zone when it comes to networking. The swirl of galas, conferences, tradeshows, and business dinners that overwhelm our calendars during the other seasons, slow to a trickle in June and do not start back up again in force until September. But, don’t let this dearth of organized events lull you into inaction. Summer is a great time to tap your existing networks and create growth. How can you use summer to your advantage?

Revisit your contact list – Even the most organized networkers have prospects or potential partners with whom they have lost touch. Perhaps the timing wasn’t right when you last spoke and then they fell off your radar. The summer is a great time to look through your contact software or LinkedIn connections to see who you haven’t been in touch with for a while. Create a list and call a few people a week.

Baseball is the perfect sport for networking – Sure, you can take a potential client or partner to any sporting event, but none of the others are as good as baseball for creating an opportunity to really talk and connect. The slower pace of the game, the summer evening out (and even the readily available beer) mean that you will have a chance to really get to know your client as a friend and colleague. No hometown team? Find a waterfront restaurant or patio bar to take your client on a slower summer afternoon.

Vacation connections – Are you traveling this summer? Do you have clients or prospects near your planned travel destination? You might be thinking, “but wait, I travel to get away from work!” Of course, I am not suggesting cluttering your vacation with work meetings. Instead, ask your contact to join you for at your vacation destination. Bonus, since your connection is local to the area, he or she will likely have great recommendations for places to go!

Successful summertime networking only deepen your relationships to your existing clients and prospects but can create new opportunities from old relationships. The experts at growth[period] can create help your company 2019 strong. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop a plan for strategic and sustainable growth.

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