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There are a myriad of challenges posed to health and wellness providers in a world where advances in technology have made global travel easier and more popular than ever. growth[period] works closely with clients in the global health and wellness industry to create strategies that take advantage of their existing strengths to create positive and sustainable solutions. Our experience in the industry, coupled with our extensive market research, allows us to make key introductions between clients and customers, building lasting relationships that cross industries and markets.

growth[period] assisted clients in applying real-time motion tracking technology to the healthcare field, tracking the spread of infectious diseases, as well as for patient care. growth[period] has successfully assisted nanotechnology providers, medical device firms, air quality monitoring companies and food producers in achieving intelligent expansion and return on their invested capital. We are constantly meeting with leaders of the global health and wellness industry to discuss the newest cutting-edge proposals and helping facilitate critical partnerships to provide the best possible solutions to these complex issues.


Helping our clients to save lives and improve global health.


Sampling of clients in this vertical

intelli heart Leadiant Biosciences
CALIBRE atmosair
obesity prevention  

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  • Bio-Preparedness
  • Preventative Health
  • Pandemic Solutions
  • Nanotechnology
  • Anti Agro-terrorism
  • Medical Devices & Imaging
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Electronic Health Record Solutions & Coding
  • Environmental Quality Monitoring Systems


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