Growth Focus During a Government Shutdown

The challenges inherent for government contractors in today’s environment are literally historical. While as difficult as this period is, as a business owner you can also try and make use of the extra time you now have (and did not want) to focus on how to help your company grow, not just with a short-term focus on when the government starts fully functioning again but for the long run. As Bill Gates famously pointed out, the most valuable asset anyone has is time – and as a business leader you rarely have time to spare! Try and use some of this time to regroup and figure out if you are positioned where you want to be for your company’s future. Here are some things to consider as you think through your current growth plan.

First: do you have a strategic growth plan? If yes, then look at it with a critical and, if possible, dispassionate eye. Does it really fit your company’s identity and future goals? If so, great! If not, then sit down and figure out what your realistic growth objectives are and in what time frame you want to achieve them. One thing to keep in mind is whether you have an objective for your growth trajectory, i.e. is your goal to be acquired someday? If so, in what time frame and for what multiple? Are your goals for both realistic given the market environment? If you want to grow to sustain- and continue to be a “lifestyle” business- do you have the customer intimacy necessary to maintain the incumbency you have currently? Do you have the correct talent in place whom the customer respects – and what is your plan to retain them in the long term, especially if no equity event is ever anticipated? If you do not have a current strategic growth plan email us at and we are happy to create one with you!

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